All Children Have Something They are Good At

Q: What do Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and Sir John Gurdon have in common?
A: They all did terribly in school as children yet went on to accomplish great things.
Does this mean that all children who do terribly at school will go on to have outstanding careers of great import to society? Of course not. However we should think twice before proclaiming unsuccessful the little boy or girl in our class who can’t sit still, won’t follow the directions at the top of the page, has awful handwriting, and spends his or her days apparently ignoring what is being taught. Instead such children should make us work harder at trying to understand what makes them tick. All children have something they are good at. We just need to find what it is and help the gift grow.

Kathreen Harrison

About Kathreen Harrison

Kathreen Harrison is a public school teacher in Maine. She has a master’s degree from Bank Street College of Education and a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. She has worked in a variety of schools in New York and Maine in a number of capacities – French teacher, gifted and talented teacher, elementary school teacher, and curriculum coordinator for island schools. She has lived in Maine for 20 years and has a particular interest in school reform.